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MeccInv Version 8.0

Reviewed by Geoff Carter

A new version of MeccInv is now available from MW Models. The new features include provision for non-Meccano parts and the possibility to add a text footnote to each part. This latter addition is in direct response to a request from your secretary, who keeps his Meccano in a variety of containers and wanted to add the location of each part, e.g. 10-set box; dealers' cabinet; Sharpe's toffee tin, etc.

For those that don't know MeccInv, it is a computer program that allows you to make an inventory of your Meccano parts. Several columns are available, so that you can enter your Meccano collection under colour or period, or any other headings you want. You can also add prices, so that you can see what your total collection is worth.

Meccano Parts Inventory Screen

What makes MeccInv unique, however, is the possibility of creating as many 'sub' lists as you require. These sub lists are all interactive - for instance, if you make a list of the parts you need for a model, you can then compare this with your master list and create a 'minus' list, which will be the extra parts you will need. You could also make a list of parts for each model you build; deduct them from the total and then add them back again when you dismantle the model.

For further information about MeccInv, please visit

» This article appeared in the June 2002 issue of SELMEC News.

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