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Meccano Repairs

By Cathy Warrell

Pedal bin pulleys

Pedal bin pulleys

Has anyone ever done any "Meccano repairs" to anything?

My husband Chris fixed his Mum's shopping trolley with Meccano years ago. Both welded (or is it soldered?) joints at the bottom of the trolley had come apart and so he strapped two Flat Girders, about 3½" long, bent through two right angles around the joints and held it together with long bolts. (It lasted for years but he can't remember whether he retrieved the Meccano before she eventually abandoned it.)

Also, I have a very useful rope pulley that operates our kitchen pedal bin. It's on the back of the door under the sink. Three ½" plastic pulleys on some brackets are bolted to the back of the door. The string goes around all three pulleys. Before Chris made it out of Meccano for me the string kept perishing, which was a nuisance.

The other use I have for Meccano is of metric weights for our old balance scales (bought in Bristol market for £18). One piece of Meccano (Chris tells me that it’s a 7/8" Bevel Gear) corresponds to a 10g weight, the other weights (Collars) are 2.5g each. These weights are useful because I managed to lose the other 10g weight from my metric set (plus five small knives and every single soup spoon in our house bar one!).

Meccano weights

Meccano weights

You might wonder why I need so many small weights: I was feeding "Miaow-Miaow" next door one time when I saw that my neighbour had a recipe for one single biscuit stuck to her kitchen door. I thought this was quite a clever idea, since it means I can make smaller quantities of things like apple crumble instead of making the full quantity and letting it go off in the fridge (our freezer is tiny). That's why I find the smaller weights useful.

Also there are Meccano Angle Brackets supporting our net curtains and a scrap paper holder made out of red and nickel Meccano.

Does anyone else have any non-model uses for Meccano?

» This article appeared in the March 2012 issue of SELMEC News.

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