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SELMEC News is our quarterly members' newsletter. Here we present for your enjoyment a selection of articles from issues past and present, and some articles available exclusively online...

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Brian Leach on the construction and operation of the Meccasaur not quite finding its way to your local store!

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Recalling 'Fireside Fun'

Richard Marsden tells the story of Meccano Magazine's regular feature, the jokes and puzzles page.



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The Story of Seven Worms

George Foard discusses the evolution of his Fokker Eindecker aircraft engine model.


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Compact 6-Speed and Reverse Gearbox

Alan Wenbourne explains his modifications to a gearbox designed by Tony Bolton.

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Computer Controlled DSG Transmission

A demonstration model of a Volkswagen gearbox by Alan Wenbourne.

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Hand-Generator Car

A dynamo-powered car built by Brian Elvidge and inspired by Nigel Pope.

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Ravigneaux Planetary Transmission

Alan Wenbourne describes the evolution of his model H1 Hummer gearbox.


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The Heatherwick Rolling Bridge

A unique blend of engineering and sculpture modelled by Alan Wenbourne.

Crane and Construction

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"Big Hog" Giant Stripping Shovel

Greg Clarke describes his model of the Bucyrus Erie 3850.

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Level Luffing Port Crane

Brian Elvidge provides building notes for a 1931 model crane.

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Liebherr Mobile Crane

Greg Clarke describes his richly detailed model of this 220 ton road crane.

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Mini Stiff-Leg Derrick

Chris Warrell describes his Secretary's Challenge micro model.

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Robotic Dockside Crane

This model from Allen Berman is powered by Lego Mindstorms motors and a NXT controller.


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The Building of the Maelstrom

Santiago Plicio describes the construction of his fairground thrill ride model.

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Fairground Dive Bomber

Alan Wenbourne describes his changes to this GMM Supermodel.


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Meccano Bagatelle Table Rebuild

Keith Patey describes the changes he has made to Geoff Wright's model game.


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Industrial Railway

An award-winning 1:16 scale model of a locomotive and rolling stock by Brian Elvidge.

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Plasser & Theurer Ballast Tamper

Bryan Jones and Laurie Webb's machine corrects and stabilises railway track geometry.

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Thanet Locomotive
A 'Terrier' - A1X Class 0-6-0T locomotive model built by Mike Dennis.

Your Contribution

We're happy to include articles which may be of interest to members in both our printed newsletter and online.

So that the newsletter is not too thick, single page items (about 500 words) would be about right.

To contribute, please contact News Editor Chris Warrell.



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Recalling 'Fireside Fun'

Richard Marsden tells the story of Meccano Magazine's jokes and puzzles page.

SELMEC Snapshots

A photographic look back at nearly 40 years of the club's history...






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The History of SELMEC

Chris Warrell tells the story of the club's founding and its first meetings.

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The Meccano Braced Girder

A short history of our Club's adopted symbol by Chris Warrell.

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The Secretary's Challenge

Geoff Carter tells us how he came up with the idea for our Challenges.

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You Say "Meccanno", I Say "Meccarno"

Which one's right? Francis Paine has discovered the definitive answer!

Building Models

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3D Printing for Meccano

Richard Marsden uses his 3D printer to create the useful parts that Meccano never made.

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A Clutch of Differentials

A selection of Torsen differential designs from Alan Wenbourne.

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Consider Your Bearings

George Foard on creating sturdy bearings for rods and lubricating them.

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Mathematics for Meccano

Gear ratios, Pythagorus' theorum, pi, and the golden ratio demystified by Richard Marsden.

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Meccano Drill Bit

Michelle O'Brien sources a 4.1mm bit that's just right for making Meccano holes.

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Meccano Restoration

Allen Berman's seven steps to parts that are as good as new.

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Motor Mayhem

Michelle O'Brien salvages the motors from sewing machines and paper shredders.

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Motors! Motors! Motors!

Old video and tape recorders in your attic can yield useful motors, says George Foard.

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Non-Meccano Sprockets

Michelle O'Brien discovers MFA/Como Drills' range of timing pulleys and belts.

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Upon Not Finding a Socket Near You!

Les Chatfield shows how you can convert a drill battery charger to run your models.


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The Crazy Inventor Sets

Peter Clay reviews three quirky Meccano sets - Helicopter, Walking Steam Boat, and Airship.

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James May's Top Toys

The BBC documentary featuring Meccano is reviewed by Chris Warrell.

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James May's Toy Stories

Chris Warrell reviews the TV series and reports from the tie-in toy fair in London.

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Brian Leach reviews the Meccasaur not quite finding its way to your local store!

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MeccInv Version 8.0

The Meccano parts inventory software is reviewed by Geoff Carter.

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The Metal Robots Collection

Brian Elvidge reviews a series of three modern kits from Meccano.


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A Special Meccano Set for Ethiopia

Viv Endecott helps street children learn science by sending them a Meccano outfit.

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Limited Parts List Challenge - NZ

MWT Meccano Club members take on our January 2003 Secretary's Challenge.

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Meccano Repairs

Some practical uses for Meccano parts in the home from Cathy Warrell.

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More Meccano Repairs

SELMEC members tell Cathy Warrell about alternative uses they've found for Meccano.

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Xtreme Dragster Races

Our members compete to find the best Xtreme pull-back motor dragsters and hot rods.

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Visit to Recycling Centre

Chris Warrell reports on the club's first non-Meccano outing to the Greenwich MRF.

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1970s Meccano Set Videos on YouTube

Brian Leach builds models from each of the 1970s set manuals.

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