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2004 Exhibition

Report by Chris Warrell

Newspaper article16th October 2004 saw our first exhibition at the Sherard Hall for several years. We didn't have the financial crutch of our previous venues (where they took the door proceeds minus expenses) but had to make sure the exhibition at least covered our costs, and hopefully make a small profit. We needn't have worried, although we had only about the same number as last year through he door. Someone from the News Shopper turned up and we had a good piece in their paper a couple of weeks later (see right).

A group of women, and a man, from the church provided refreshments in one of the adjoining rooms. This was not totally successful because they overcatered somewhat and were looking at a huge loss rather than a tidy profit. I think they just about broke even and we gave them twenty quid from the door.

We have a very helpful caretaker, John Swinburne, and he put all the tables out the night before, and put them away afterwards, so there was very little setting up to do.

Thanks, of course, to all the members who turned up with models to make the day such a success. I didn't make a proper note of attendees but, as far as I can ascertain, the following members were present, in no particular order:

Alan Wenbourne, Frank Paine, Les Maher, Paul Heather, Adrian Ashford, Harrun Degia, Brian Elvidge, Geoff Davison, Geoff Carter, John Cowdery, George Foard, David Smithers, Peter Clay, Douglas Windibank, Jim Arthur, Jim Ellicott, John Gillam, Chris Warrell, plus traders Dave Taylor, Mike Rhoades and Geoff Wright.

» This article appeared in the January 2004 issue of SELMEC News.

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