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St. Mary's Catholic Primary School Summer Fayre 2015

Report by Brian Leach

The club was invited to take part in the St. Mary's School Summer Fayre on 13th June, which was a new event for us.

Chris Warrell was given a lift by me to the school which is only a little over a mile away. We arrived at 10:00 am and quickly unloaded the car. It started at noon but Chris needed time to set up his tram. We were offered an outside sheltered area but it was windy and that could have caused problems with Peter Clay’s Meccanograph designs so we went for the hall instead.

Our stand at the Fayre

We had four tables and the models just about fitted. Even though it was overcast most of the day most people stayed outside. There were some families and young visitors. They seemed to take interest in most of the models. We enjoyed tea, coffee and cake during the day. Cathy turned up for about an hour to keep our spirits up. For half an hour the room was full as some of the schoolchildren danced and then it was almost empty again! We started to pack up at 4:30 pm and had gone by 5:30 pm.

Overall it was enjoyable and would recommend support from club members if we were re-invited next year.

There was other entertainment on the grounds, including a fairground ride, music, stalls, and bouncy castle, taekwondo and creativity workshops.

Our stand at the Fayre

Chris rang me the day after asking whether his tram track was still in my car. It was not; it had been left at the school, on a window frame, and was picked up by Chris a few days later.

The models on the day were:

  • Chris Warrell: Tram, Meccano-adorned hat, cranes, a robot, house.
  • Chris Fry: Peloton, wind turbine, orrery, cricket pitch with pavilion.
  • Brian Leach: House, 6-speed and reverse gearbox, Superman logo.
  • Peter Clay: Truck, Meccanograph, breakdown van, buggy, lamp post, van.

» This article appeared in the Autumn 2015 issue of SELMEC News.

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