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Built for the Crane Building Kit Models Secretary's ChallengeSand Transporter

Built by John Gay in September 2006

This model is based on a tin toy from the 1940's - 1950's.

Sand is poured into the hopper and fills the trolley which runs down to the bottom of the track and empties.  Gravity returns the trolley to the top.

Pouring the sand must be done carefully as it any spills onto the track the trolley will stick.


Your Questions and Comments

Paul Henderson wrote: Hello John. The "sand transporter" model is very similar to a model I built with my father when I was a boy in Scotland somewhere between 1951 and 1953. I remember the main hopper being more like a large inverted pyramid in shape. Do you happen to know the original model's name and number and what kit it belonged to? Thanks, and Best Regards, Paul Henderson. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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Sand Transporter
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