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Witch's Hat Fairground Ride

Built by Santiago Plicio in January 2013

After completing my two latest models, Wave Rider and Soul Shaker, I started this new model at the beginning of November 2012.

This new model, called "Witch's Hat", is another high velocity fairground machine of my design, comprising a revolving canopy with eight long arms and cars supported on top of a narrow tower fitted to a square base with a motor and gearing system fitted to the top side.

On top of the tower a ball thrust bearing was fixed with the toothed part attached to the rotating hat and the motor drove an axle passing through a bush wheel on top of the toothed unit. The power unit worked well, but failed after attaching the arms and cars to it due to the weight, so another unit was built and tested with the same result.

Disappointed, I thought that the problem was big to get the model ready on time. Not knowing what to do at this stage, I decided to dismantle the toothed part and fit on top of the ball thrust with a new arrangement. I had to modify the top, adding an extra inch to avoid the cars touching the base.

A new motor and gear system replaced the older one, this time engaging the toothed unit of the ball thrust with a sprocket chain which worked beautifully well.

The new challenge was how to achieve the rotation of the hat, arms and cars resting on top of the new system to engage into the driving unit, so a circular plate was bolted to the toothed unit and four long bolts added pointing upwards to engage into a hub disc fitted to the rotating hat or canopy. The result was a successful model working without any problems.

Later a lot of new improvements were carried out to give the present look. Mainly for ease of transportation, the model is divided into four parts; the base and tower, the rotating unit, a side section with kiosk, seats and a set of steps.A single low voltage light is fitted on top of the tower.

The arms are limited to how much they can extend outwards at high speed but they will go well over a meter in diameter. In a real theme park this ride would be taller than a 12 story structure, making it a very thrilling and extreme machine indeed.


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Witch's Hat Fairground Ride
Entrance with kiosk and steps.

Entrance with kiosk and steps

Witch's Hat Fairground Ride
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