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Nano Roundabout

Built by Ralph Laughton in September 2010

In early 2010 Meccano released a collection of six Nano kits. These micro-models are built using a minimum number of parts and are all produced only using zinc parts. Having managed to get our hands on a set when they first appeared, we took them to a couple of show where they were a bit of a novelty.

The next stage with this sort of model is usually to break them down and add their component parts to our building stock. However, while discussing them with some interested onlookers at one of the shows, it occurred to us they might make the basis of a model kiddies roundabout, the result of which you can see here.

The base was made high enough to house the gearing and drive motor. Rather than build a heavy looking box, a stepped structure built from strips and angle girders make for an aesthetically pleasing stand on which the roundabout sits nicely.


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Nano Roundabout


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