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Built for the Braced Girders Secretary's ChallengeFairground Chair-O-Planes

Built by Frank Paine in March 2008

A simple set of fairground Chair-o-planes with six seats, to be mounted by a short flight of steps, and powered by a PDU via pulleys and Meccano string.

The model can be operated by all and sundry using a press button, to delight the kids (of all ages!) as the chairs fly out with gathering speed of rotation. The model can also be driven by a Meccano steam engine, which is built into the model, though this is a bit messy for exhibition purposes.

The braced girders to qualify for the Secretary's Challenge form the circular fascia, which is made from three 12½" yellow single-braced ones joined end to end.

The model is topped off nicely by one of Dave Taylor's replica Meccano pennants.


Your Questions and Comments

Bob Limb wrote: Hi Francis I am new, again, to Meccano, last having a set some 50 years ago. I have purchased a collection from a local auction to get me started and in the box was a 5 1/2" long, 2in high metal pennant in dark red with gold "meccano" on both sides. I cannot find any reference to this in the list of parts or any mention on any website of it. I would think it is original and possible pre war and in very good condition. Would you be able to throw any light on it for me please Regards Bob Limb

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Fairground Chair-O-Planes
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