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Tower Bridge

Built by Frank Paine in September 2001

A Meccano Dealer's display model in yellow/zinc with coloured lights and raising bascules.  Powered by a mains 'Enicron' motor.  A favourite at exhibitions.

Your Questions and Comments

Phil R. wrote: Can you tell me what is an Enicron motor, who manufactured them and where I might buy one. I am building an orrery and the Meccano instructions recommend an Enicron. Thanks in anticipation.

Debbie Vahey wrote: Dear Francis. Did you build this model from plans? I am trying to obtain a plan of Tower Bridge to enable me to get a model built with 4ft high Towers. Would you be bale to help out with this? Kind regards, Debbie.

Stephen Heafield wrote: Hi Francis. Lovely model. Could you possibly tell me the mechanism used for raising/lowering the bridge? The reason I ask is that I own a few original 70s display models, however I have built the Blackpool Tower model from photos. I would like to do the same for the Bridge. I have a few frontal high resolution pictures to go on, but am guessing the internal mechanism is the Self Reversing Gearbox (similar to the tower). Could you help me? Best Wishes - Stephen.

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Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
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