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Beam Engine

Built by John Gay in September 2013

This model is based on a Stuart and Turner Beam Engine featured in Building in Meccano by Bert Love.

The model is electrically driven by an internal 6V Meccano motor, powered by battery and controlled by a push button on its base.

Power is sent through a range of long and short face pinions to a sprocket wheel, chain and a drive band to the governor (the governor is made by cutting down two red hooks).

The low clearing gives the beam, parallel link, crankshaft and flywheel their smooth motion.

The model is built in 1970s blue and yellow Meccano.


Your Questions and Comments

Mel wrote: Hi John, I really like this beam engine you've built and would like to have a go. I am a bit of an oldie, but never had Meccano as a kid so just started playing with it, and enjoying it!! Most of my parts come from eBay, sometimes good others not so (repainted some). Do you have any more photos showing more details? (I assume it's your own design and not from plans/instruction manual) Any help or advice would be very welcome. I try to use what parts I have, so have to compromise at times. Regards Mel.

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Beam Engine
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