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Ping Pong Periphrator

Built by Robin Schoolar in September 2017

This device was my entry into the competition set by the Runnymede Meccano Guild to mark its 30th anniversary. The competition's rules were simple:

  • The number of parts was limited to 30 (not counting nuts, bolts and washers)
  • Models must not contains parts introduced in the last 30 years (i.e. whose design is younger than the guild)

My entry didn't win a prize... and rightly so given the brilliant ingenuity of the prize-winners. I was much relieved that I wasn't doing the judging.

Despite not winning, I'm rather pleased with my device. If anyone can come up with other ways to build something in 30 parts or less which is able to circulate table tennis balls, I'd love to see it working.

Competition for a table tennis ball lifter with fastest throughput, anyone?


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Ping Pong Periphrator
Ping Pong Periphrator
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