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Ramsomes MG2 Crawler Tractor

Built by Les Chatfield in September 2014

A model of a Ransomes MG2 crawler tractor designed for smallholdings, market gardens, allotments and similar small patches of ground under cultivation.

Looking rather like an overgrown child's toy, I first saw one of these when I was a child and thought that is what it was.

The tractor is powered by a Sturmey Archer single-cylinder side-valve engine of 600cc. My Meccano model, though not proportioned quite as the full-sized prototype, conveys the feel of these tiny tractors. It features fully operating brake, differential steering and a unique track drive via tyred internally hub-geared Meccano road wheels, obviating the need for a drive sprocket. The rubber tyres also provide all the track tensioning required.


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Ramsomes MG2 Crawler Tractor
Ramsomes MG2 Crawler Tractor
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