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Horwich Works 0-4-0ST Shunter "Wren"

Built by Les Chatfield in September 2014

A model of Horwich Works' quaint-looking narrow gauge 0-4-0ST shunter "Wren". Built in 1887, this 3½ ton locomotive had 1' 4¼" driving wheels and 5" x 6" cylinders, and was used for transporting materials on the 18" gauge system at Horwich Works. The other engines in the fleet were named "Mouse", "Bee", "Fly", "Wasp", "Midget", "Robin" and "Dot".

Quite a large number of huge mainline express engines are built in Meccano, so here is a tiny engine by way of a change!


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Horwich Works 0-4-0ST Shunter "Wren"
Horwich Works 0-4-0ST Shunter "Wren"
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