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(Link opens in a new window)London Meccano Club

An online guide to London's six Meccano clubs and societies, with details of all their meetings and events, plus a printable Events Guide.


(Link opens in a new window)Meccanoman

Meccanoman Dave Taylor is a specialist Meccano dealer who trades at our club meetings and Meccano Shows and also has an online mail-order catalogue.


(Link opens in a new window)Meccano OnLine

The official website of the International Society of Meccanomen.


(Link opens in a new window)MECControl

SELMEC member Tim Surtell runs the MECControl project, a way to use an Arduino Uno and an intuitive language to control devices such as motors and LEDs connected to your Windows PC.


(Link opens in a new window)NZMeccano

This is an excellent reference website, as it hosts an online parts museum covering all Meccano parts, scans from hundreds of Meccano set manuals, and a searchable Meccano Magazine viewer.


(Link opens in a new window)Ralph's Shop

SELMEC members Ralph and Sue Laughton run an online store selling modern Meccano parts, refurbished Meccano, and refurbished steam engines.


(Link opens in a new window)UK Meccano Events

An up-to-date list of Meccano events happening nationwide courtesy of Howard Somerville.



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